Sara (zoloftqueen) wrote,

Why do I keep fucking up?
Why am I always being used?
Why do I let people walk all over me and then say "hey, really its ok!" when all I want to say is that they are a fucking jerk?
This happens to me everytime. every fucking time
I cant seem to get it right
I cant seem to get anything right
And I put myself in situations that hurt me
and I fucking stay in them and I dont know why
I did everything he wanted me too...
And then like a fucking pussy I have to nag it out of him
I feel worthless
And i feel like there is no reason to be here
no reason at all cause I just keep fucking up my life
over and over and over and over and over again
He didn't even say he was sorry...
I thought I have been hurt before...
but this hurts so much more
because he used me over and over again
into he didnt need me anymore.

Why even try to be nice
when everyone fucks you in the end?
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