Sara (zoloftqueen) wrote,

ha. ha. ha.
Lets add something to my fucked up life!!
So 2 days ago I was with my friend Kelly studying at the bookstore and I had this sickening feeling like I was going to get sick. So I went to the bathroom just in case that was going to actually happen. Nothing did...and I felt a little bit better. So I went back downstairs and studied a while more then we left. When i got home i took a nap and woke up sweating really bad. My mom came in and checked my temperature and I had a bad fever and my legs were burning up. Plus I had that sick feeling in my stomach. I took another nap and woke up feeling ok.

So yesterday...before all the drama happened...I went to aeropostale. I was trying on some clothes in the fitting room when I got this horrible pain in my left side. It was so bad I had to sit down and take a deep breath. So finally I left the fitting room and I started sweating really bad. Asked my friend Amber if she thought it was hot in there...and her and some nosey coustomer both told me the air conditioner was on and that it was actually really cool. Amber felt my head and said that i was burning up really bad. So I left and went to Patient First thinking it was because of an infection I was getting over.

Well to make a long story I might need to go to a Urologist. They are saying something may be wrong with my kidneys. They said they are doing a culture right now and that I should get the results monday. Until then they gave me same pain pills so I could go to the after part and of course have an even worse night....

*sigh* It never ends....ever...
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Oh no!
I hope you feel better and the tests come out alright.
me too...but its all your fault X-P