Sara (zoloftqueen) wrote,

You kill me and you know you do

There you go twisting my words again
That confuses me when you do I actually believe I said it when I know I never did.
You just hurt me.
I gave you a fucking chance and now its over
I was a dumb ass for ever believing we could be friends

I hate this
I hate this more than you could know
You dont know me
I dont know you
And i wanted a friendship
and it went way past that.
You dont know how I feel
You never will
Just like i will never know how you feel
But I dont try and make assumptions thinking I do.
Just leave me alone
I am not going to cry for you like I used to
I wont allow that shit.
Its just another reason why I cant be in a relationship
I keep getting hurt.

"Nothing hurts when noone's real"
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