Sara (zoloftqueen) wrote,

Emergency appointments = no comfort

Me: dude the doctor made an emergency appointment for me tommorow, tell me thats not comforting!
Thomas: that not comforting
Me: exactly dumb ass :-P

Yep thats right...told the nurse all about my problem and she quickly schedualed me in even though she was really booked. She said she would have schedualed me today but since I wasn't in way too much pain, she would let me in tommorrow. Actually....I really was hurting. And when I laid down it got even worse. Finally I got sick of staying in the house I went out and just took my pain meds with me just incase.

My poor mom had to calm me down, cause I was freaking out crying. See, before my dog died...she had the same symptoms as me, which ment kidney failure and that she was going to die soon cause her body was shutting down. And maybe it sounds dumb...but I was crying thinking I was going to die too. So my mom was trying to comfort me saying "no Sara, you won't die. Kitty (the dog) was old, you're not, so don't freak out. Go watch TV or something..." lol

That's ok...if I die...Thomas can have my car CD player :-D
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