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Kiss my ass fuckers

Aeropostale can go kiss my ass.

I am sick.
I am coughing-about to fall on the ground-gasping for air-sneezing-dazed and confused-downright SICK.
So what do you do when you have to go to work and you feel like shit?
You call in sick, thats what you do.
I did that.
And I already know the answer...
Im going to have to go to work.
I have covered so many people and look where I am.
I am forced to go to work when I barely want to get out of bed.
This isn't healthy.
No one wants an associate to help them when they are sneezing in their god damn face.
And half the people who wont cover me go to church, and that will be their excuse.
God will forgive you for one fucking day.
Just let me fucking sleep and feel better!

Thats fine.
Monday I am going to VCC and I am filling out applications till my head explodes.
Then I am quiting aeropostale.
Those fuckers suck.
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