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The evil project...dun dun dunnnnn

Drawing 1
Project 1

- You will create a drawing that is composed of a long (and seemingly impossible) list of objects. Your goal is to compose a drawing that includes each element on the list--not as bits and pieces, but as an integrated, structured whole. This will force you to use your imagination and to be creative with techniques such as overlapping and shifting scale.

Remember to incorporate a sense of space--are all of your objects sitting in the foreground? though your drawing may be created entirely from imagination and as a result, somewhat whimsical, do not use cartoon or "manga" stylizations. Try to draw as acurately as possible.

3 buildings
2 roads
1 car
4 trees
1 cat
4 telephone wires and poles
1 open window (see into it)
1 path
2 birds
1 worm
1 clothesline
1 t.v antennae
3 clouds
1 hill
1 telephone booth
1 fence
1 small crowd of people
2 children
1 table
1 bottle

-Your drawing will measure atleast 17" x 23" (mine is 18" X 24"). Use charcoal pencils to create a symetrical drawn format on white drawing paper. Your drawing should display a sense of line and value (shading) established only through hatching or cross hatching.

Someone save me please!! lol
Oh I got a call from Old navy and they want to set up an appointment with me for an interview...and so does BBandT wooohooo I rock!
I rather work at BBandT though cause I would get benifits for working 20 hours...not to mention they would probably pay much more than Old Navy.
I really thought I fucked up on the teller test...when they asked me questions like what is (I think) 86 percent of 250...and I couldn't use a calculator...yeah I totally thought I bombed it. But obviously I didn't because they called...or they are that could also be it too!
Come to think of it...One of my refrences use to work for management at that Old Navy X-P. Oh I am special yes I am!

Yeah yeah I am a dork...
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just draw one building way in the foreground, and say that everything else is behind or inside it :-P

you working at the bank?! you know you can't take your work home with you? ;)

i don't know if i trust you to make change XD
Lol I wish I could do that!!!

Ha. Ha. Ha. You'll see...I will be awesome as a teller...if I get the job that is :-P
i'm sure you will be. but i can more easily visit you at old navy...